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Mark Tobey (1890-1976),

famous artist, dedicated and devout Baha'i, was gay. His life and work were commemorated.. More

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I'm not gay...

But I am no longer a practicing Baha'i. I declared in 1983. In about 2005 I had a close friend, who has since moved and with whom I have lost touch (sadly), who is a lesbian and the best, most amazing Baha'i I have ever known. She taught me so very much about the Faith — things I had not thought of nor been exposed to previously. But after she wrote, yet again, to the UHJ regarding her homosexuality and was told she could not be a Baha'i, I was done. She begged me to stay active in the Faith so that I could help facilitate change, but I just couldn't. I cannot be a part of something that treats someone as wonderful as she is, someone with a deep, abiding love for the Faith, for people, for justice, for equality, with such utter disregard for those wonderful qualities due to the way she was born. If we believe that God is perfect and does not make mistakes, then how on earth can we believe that people who are born gay are somehow a mistake or spiratiually deficient in any way? It is illogical. One of the main reasons I became a Baha'i was the concept that if science and religion are diametrically opposed, then the fact of the science must replace the belief of the religion. Have we not yet been provided sufficient scientific evidence that homosexuaility is not a choice but is genetic? Not something to be controlled, but something to be accepted, embraced and included. Until and unless the Faith changes it's stance on homosexuality, I will continue to be a non-practicing Baha'i and will tell anyone who asks exactly why. I love the Faith, but the Faith needs to love EVERYONE — again a reason I declared in the first place.

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