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Mark Tobey (1890-1976),

famous artist, dedicated and devout Baha'i, was gay. His life and work were commemorated.. More

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I grew up in a Baha'i family and community. At
one point I thought I may be gay or bisexual. I struggled with this
for many years. I married someone of the opposite sex and had
children and still wondered as my sexual relationship has not seemed
complete. I turned to pornography but that did not help and made
"real" sexuality even less satisfying.
Over time, I realized that I was thinking of my identity in relation to sexual
attraction. I am no longer trying to identify my sexuality as part of
who I am. I am finding that these questions of sexual identity are
finally beginning to fade for me and I am also finding that I am less
judgemental towards others who struggle with sexuality in our over-
sexualized society. I don't beat myself up because of homosexual
thoughts any more. I just try not to judge myself harshly and
redirect my thoughts and understand that we live in very difficult
times and must be patient with all in regards to sex-- especially
oneself. We must never judge another Baha'i or any other person. Love
and unity helps our Faith not judgement.



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