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Mark Tobey (1890-1976),

famous artist, dedicated and devout Baha'i, was gay. His life and work were commemorated.. More

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Close the Book

I am one of those old Baha'is from an old American Baha'i family. Well, I should say I was a Baha'i. Like many of you here, it was a very important part of my life. My family, for several generations, sacrificed a lot for it. We devoted ourselves to serving The Faith.

Now that I am old, I see that the community is in decline and maybe that is for a reason. It is because the laws and tenets are untenable. The patriarchal laws of the Aqdas, particularly those dealing with sexuality and homosexuality are simply unrealistic and unscientific.

I am not gay. But one of the many reasons I came to see the Faith as untenable is because homosexuality is normal and Baha'i law tries to suppress it. The God I believe in would not create folks as homosexuals and then torment them for it. No one should be castigated for their natural state of existence if it does no harm. No one should have to fight against their innocent sexual urges. No religion, no love of God should require one to forsake a chance for a healthy loving relationship in everyday life.

So many of the entries here reflect some serious unhappiness, confusion, self-contempt, developmental delays, family secrets, and closeting.

When religion gets so weird that it causes this sort of dysfunction, maybe one should get out of the religion, and just get on with being normal. That is what I chose for myself and my children, and it is the best decision I ever made.



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