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A Lucky Girl

The story, "Gay and STILL LOVING THE FAITH" prompted me to share this story, which is an example of the positive atmosphere in which some young women have discovered their sexuality.  This is taken from Lesbian/Woman, by Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, published in 1972:




Not all young women have problems when they realize their sexuality is aimed at girls.  Many slide smoothly through life, backed up by understanding parents, or by an optimistic view of life or by good fortune in the other Lesbians they come into contact with.  Annette recalls how the awareness of her sexuality literally burst upon her and her family some years ago when she was seventeen.


"I had been fascinated for two years with an 'older' woman, Marge, who was a year ahead of me in high school," she said.  "I had played all kinds of games to get her to notice me - and finally all my efforts worked.  She asked me on Tuesday to go to the movies with her on Friday night.  And, of course, I said yes!  I was so excited I couldn't wait to get home after school. As soon as I hit the house I told my mother about my 'date.' 


"'That's nice, dear,' mother said, looking puzzled.  I don't think she quite knew what to make of it.  I was so overwhelmed I really didn't notice her reaction.  Then I told Tom, my older brother.


"'But she's a girl.'


"'So what?'  I bounced away, leaving him open-mouthed.


"I told dad the minute he arrived home from work and left him totally perplexed too.  Aunt Rose was there for dinner and, as I bubbled throughout the meal about Marge - how smart she was, how pretty, how good in debating and athletics - I found my aunt watching me quizzically.  I later found out about the conversation she and mom and dad had had after I'd gone upstairs to study.


"'What in the world has come over Annette?' dad had asked.  "Why should she get so excited over going to a movie with a girlfriend?'


"'It's just a case of school girl worship,' mom thought.  'Marge is older than she.'


But Aunt Rose was not so sure.  'Haven't you doting parents ever noticed Ann's lack of interest in boys and her evident interest in girls?'


"It seems they had," Annette added, "but they really hadn't thought about what these things might mean.  As a matter of fact, neither had I.  But Aunt Rose proceeded to enlighten mom and dad and then later, me.  It worked out well - a total understanding between all of us and never any feelings that I was doing anything wrong or bad.  I sure have a lot to thank Aunt Rose for.  Also Marge, for it seems my instincts were correct.  We became lovers for a while until she went off to college.  We're still in touch with each other, though only on a friendly basis."



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